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The Dish On Weight Loss
1:1 Coaching Program


Lose Weight

I coach clients on how to lose weight AND keep it off



  • Confused about what to eat to see weight loss results 

  • Discouraged after trying everything & still not seeing the results you wanted

  • Miserable while on strict diets & restricting your favorite foods

  • Unmotivated because weight loss seems too hard to achieve 

  • Frustrated with how your clothes fit or unhappy with what you see in the mirror but still cant find the motivation to make lasting changes 

  • Like you are trying so hard and still… not seeing weight loss results

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Are you struggling

to lose weight? 

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I was so frustrated with my

own lack of weight loss results,

that I designed a weight loss program for myself that was fun, flexible, balanced, and easy-to-follow.


As a result, I lost 25 lbs WITHOUT dieting. 

Now I design weight loss plans for my clients based on a similar model and customize it to my clients!


     Bi-weekly 1:1 online sessions with me  

During these sessions, we go over your biggest struggles throughout your weight loss journey & together, we create fun, easy-to-follow, and realistic solutions so that you lose weight AND keep it off.

     Weekly email check-ins 

I don't leave my clients high and dry in between sessions. I provide you with support and accountability in between our sessions in order to help keep you on track. These check-ins are designed to see how you are doing, whether you encountered any challenges that I could help you with, and to make sure you have everything you need to be successful. 


     Personalized goal setting 

Everyone is different. Everyone's body is different. Everyone has different weight loss goals. Therefore, I create easy and realistic goals each session for my clients designed to help them reach their weight loss goals. 

     Weekly feedback on food log 

Each week, clients send me their food log and pictures of their meals. I provide feedback on their food logs and changes they could make to their plates twice a week in order to ensure they reach their weight loss goals. 

Success Stories

Andrea F.

"For years, I was into intense fitness & strict dieting. While I lost weight that way, I felt miserable.

I wasn't enjoying the workouts & I wasn't enjoying my diet.

With Sandy, I learned that weight loss can be FUN! I lost 12 lbs so far! I look in the mirror & for the first time in years, I love what I see.

Sandy is a Dietitian that never once judged me when I had bad days. She was understanding, supportive, and genuinely cheered me on. She created a plan for me that helped me overcome my biggest struggles with weight loss."

Jessica T.

"My husband noticed that I smile differently.

I smile bigger, laugh harder, and I am more carefree.

I think that's because I have lost 10 lbs & I am starting to feel more like myself again!

I didn't just lose weight, I got my smile back.


Sandy made weight loss fun by creating a plan I enjoyed, showing me how to incorporate my favorite foods, and supporting me throughout the whole process. Thank you for giving me my life back!"

Alexa J.

"Before working with Sandy, I tried everything to lose weight & nothing seemed to work.


When Sandy said that she shows clients how to lose weight without dieting, I was instantly curious how that's possible.


Working with her changed my life. I have finally seen weight loss results WITHOUT dieting! I have lost 15 lbs so far! I can't believe it!


I had good days and I had bad days, but Sandy was there for me through it all. Her support and guidance motivated me to keep reaching for my goals!"

How to get started:

Apply For Coaching

Step 1

​         The link below will take you to a page where you can sign up for a FREE discovery call.


     During this call, we discuss your biggest weight loss struggles. Since I customize my program for each client, we talk about what the program would like for you and how I will help you reach your weight loss goals. 


Sign Up For Weight Loss Program

Step 2

​         I provide you with all the sign up information after our discovery call 


Have your 1st session & start losing weight WITHOUT dieting

Step 3

     I will gather more information on your weight loss struggles & together, we begin your weight loss journey!

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